If you’re a commercial Drone (UAV) Operator - BizMyDrone is for you

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BizMyDrone Owner page

Owner page
This page is designed to record all of your personal, business and insurance (optional) details that will be saved and featured throughout the software for documents including invoices and quotes. Context sensitive help is available on every page of the software.

BizMyDrone Customer page

Customer page
Adding customers means that with just a few clicks you can create and edit jobs for them then generate invoices. It’s also a great place to store details of prospects that you would like to convert to customers. Locating an existing entry is also quick and easy; you can search for all or part of the customer's surname, zip, email, phone or mobile.

BizMyDrone Quotes, Orders and Invoices page

Quotes/orders/invoices page
Here's the place to start creating customer quotes. You can then easily convert quotes into jobs and finally invoices to wrap up a project. The software stores all the documents so you can retrieve them at any point in the future. The comprehensive search function allows you to locate a particular document very quickly. Tax totals when applicable, are provided automatically.

BizMyDrone Parts page

Services page
On this page you can customize and add the parts and services that you offer. Once they are entered, it's just a few clicks to add them to quotes, jobs and invoices. These items, when costed in a quote, form the basis for prices and charging.

BizMyDrone Parts page

Equipment page
Keep track of all your equipment including drones, bags, cameras, accessories etc. You can add them as reminders to jobs and even keep track of purchase date, warranties and serial numbers. Standard commercial drones can also be quickly imported to the main equipment list.

BizMyDrone Calendar page

Calendar page
See at a glance all your upcoming jobs and reminders. The display is particularly efficient, highlighting dates in color where a job, reminder or both are present on that day. When starting the app, a note appears on the home page for any calendar entries seven days ahead.