If you’re a commercial Drone (UAV) Operator - BizMyDrone is for you


Q: I try to install but the initial window keeps disappearing, what can I do?
A: Some anti-virus programs do not like unknown exe. files and may block or quarantine the installer file. Please turn off your anti-virus program until you have installed DroneAdmin.

Q: I entered my personal details, then my logo and all the entries disappeared
A: When you have entered your personal details, before adding your logo, please ensure you save the changes.

Q: My drone is not on the list of drones
A: We regularly update the list of standard drones, however, you can add a custom drone if you prefer via the 'Add an Item' section of the Equipment screen. Please do let us know if there's a commercial drone we have missed.

Q: Will the software be updated?
A: Yes, we do have a schedule of enhancements and also expect to issue updates in response to user feedback.

Q: Will BizMyDrone work on tablets?
A: Yes, we have tested the software on PCs and tablets. BizMyDrone runs in a window size of 1000 x 800 pixels and works well on 10" tablets for example. An internet connection is required when starting BizMyDrone

Q: My logo does not appear on invoices and quotes
A: Make sure you have imported your logo via the 'Owner' panel.